Coquitlam/Tri-Cities Augmented Amateur Radio Station VE7IGP

  • APRS: VE7IGP 144.39 MHz
  • FM: 147.555 MHz repeater tx / 441.075 MHz repeater rx
    • Network idle
  • heat warning in effect. A prolonged heat wave will affect the South Coast. Threat: Daytime temperatures reaching near 33 degrees Celsius away from the water combined with overnight lows near 17 degrees Celsius.. Currently Clear 29 degrees, feels like 30.5. Wind 2.1 kilometers per hour South, gusts to 9.1. Pressure 1021 h p a. Humidity 55.9. Sunset 20:31:22


November 20, 2022 Welcome to VE7IGP!   Hey it has a website! Lots of stuff planned. Some stuff even going ;)

November 23, 2022 ISS Sightings   Upcoming ISS sightings has been added. POV is Burnaby BC as it's centralish

November 25, 2022 2 letter callsign availability   2 letter call signs are at a premium in BC, IGP monitors for availability

December 1, 2022 OTA APRS last heard display   An experimental real-time APRS collector has been setup for this remote website to show APRS packets seen on-air from the radio. (unstable)

December 5, 2022 Testing Allstar 147.555 / 441.070 Mhz   Testing Allstar on 441.070 RX 147.555 TX and possibly other frequencies for cross duplex/full duplex operation

January 28, 2023 Happy New Year!   Allstar node 580910 up on 147.555 TX / 441.075 and waiting for frequency coordination completion. Experimenting with Lily, the node's overlord. New information posted to website

January 29, 2023 Autopatch   Yes, it has an autopatch! Had to upgrade to 'compiled from source' edition because ~ASL 1.4.23-9ish seems to have broken it (per community reports). Once upgraded to current dev, dialtone et al worked. Also make sure /etc/dahdi/system.conf exists. *715 for NIST WWV!

February 21, 2023 APRS Notes   This past weekend's windstorm has bumped the SWR up on the Ulari to ~1.3! Looking at remote views of the APRS network I am only seeing sporadic beacons from it so I am assuming its transmission system has suffered damage. I'll look out the window soonish or just swap out the Allstar antenna and take the operator offline for a bit if I'm feeling lazy. Oh, also. Some voodoo mix of KPC3, Pinpoint and/or a PK99 which was later ruled out has been rumoured to corrupt digipeating packets. We've noticed a station in Surrey doing this too.

February 22, 2023 Allstar being taken offline   Unfortunately with the 2 meter band being congested an 'open' frequency hasn't been easy to find. A new digital user was detected this morning on IGP's output frequency thus the node is being turned down. The experiment will continue to be operated on a different network to avoid interference.

April 7, 2023 WinAPRS remote execution vulnerabilty   hackaday story   coalfire source (from 2022)

November 6, 2023 IP renumbering completed   IP renumbering complete

2 letter call sign availability

VE7: 0 two letter call signs available
VA7: 0 two letter call signs available
VE0: 603 two letter call signs available
  last updated Thu, 18 Apr 2024 03:01:02 -0700

It's a repeater thingy!

Not gonna lie, total bucket list item. ☑️

VE7IGP FM voice services are available in cross-band full-duplex mode:

  • TX: 147.555 MHz
  • RX: 441.075 MHz

Coverage is South Coquitlam, Surrey, New Westminster and potentially further. Running 25W+ or higher when needed.

Of course there's a bot ;) For now we're calling her, Lily..

DTMF Commands

  • *70 system status
  • *711 transmit repeater beacon
  • *712 time of day
  • *713 speak the station call sign
  • *714 weather report
  • *715 NIST WWV Colorado clock
  • *955 parrot mode (one time only)
Linking commands
  • *1 nodenumber - disconnects from nodenumber
  • *2 nodenumber - connect to an allstar node in receive only mode (recommended for lurking)
  • *3 nodenumber - connect to an allstar node in tranceive mode
  • *33 nodenumber - connect to an echo link node. note: echo link must be 7 digits, padded with leading zeros (eg: *330001234)
and other things

Upcoming ISS windows

  Burnaby, BC
*boop*   ISS Ham Radio Status

Last heard APRS

Last heard APRS frames from VE7IGP (kiss port 0)
waiting for new samples

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